What you can expect from us

    • We will respond to you promptly. We will strive to respond to every communication within 48 hours.
    • We will be clear. We want you to know what you need to know. If we don’t get it right the first time, please ask again.
    • We will be open to criticism. If there is something you think we can do better, tell us.

    What we expect from you

    • Stick with the process. Our Board will be involved in all grant decisions in the normal course of events. Lobbying the Board outside of the grant process is not necessary or helpful.
    • Communication can take time. Start the dialog early.
    • Keep it simple. Please do not send ancillary materials such as reports, DVD’s, books etc. If there is something you really want us to see, let us know and we can decide together whether it would be helpful.
    • Customize your proposal to fit the interests of this Foundation.
    • Meet all reporting deadlines without having to be asked.

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