How well does the project fit within our funding areas and/or how well do the goals of the project fit with our funding goals?

    • Is the project clear on what it wants to achieve - social change, long-term impacts, or the benefits of quality service?
    • Does the project have a way to measure its goals? Are there appropriate milestones?
    • Does the project or organization have a reasonable plan for achieving its goals?
    • Is now the right time to invest in this effort?
    • Will the organization track its progress and modify its methods based on that feedback?
    • Is the work proposed consistent with the organization’s history and does the project seem achievable for the organization?
    • Are the skills and experience of the primary people involved aligned with the work to be done?
    • Are the timelines and budgets reasonable?
    • Does this appear to be the best approach and organization to achieve these goals? Are there other non-profits doing the same work or providing the same service?
    • Is the organization well managed? Is there solid Board oversight? Does the management team have the vision and experience necessary to guide the organization?
    • Is the financial accounting clear and in order? Are the statements straightforward? Have they been audited? Does the organization have a solid budget? Does it use ancillary foundations or other groups to obscure endowment funds or overhead costs?
    • Are overhead and fundraising costs reasonable? Does the group hold itself to high ethical standards in fundraising? Does the group sell its donor lists?

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