Following is a partial list of grants awarded or active in 2016.


    Community Award Date

    All Saints-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church
    Community Outreach Golf Tournament & Challenge Match

    $25,000 1/24/2016

    Center for Successful Aging

    Senior Community Center

    $10,000 9/22/2015

    Leading from Within

    Impact Evaluation-Emerging Leaders

    $5,000 9/20/2016

    Santa Barbara Foundation

    Fast Pitch SB

    $5,000 6/1/2015

    Santa Barbara Foundation

    Partnership for Excellence Conference 2017

    $6,000 12/21/2016
     Consciousness  Award  Date

    Adventures in Caring Foundation

    Adventures in Caring Survival Project

     $25,000 9/20/2016

    Family Therapy Institute

    Shared Crossing Collaboration

    $25,000 11/15/2016

    Just Communities

    Educational Equity - 3 yr. grant

    $300,000 11/03/2014

    Santa Barbara Education Foundation

    What is LOVE: Dating Violence Prevention

    $70,000 9/10/2014

    Visiting Nurses & Hospice Care

    Compassionate Hospice Culture

    $374,000 1/29/2015
     Early Years  Award  Date

    AHA! Attitude Harmony Achievement                                 AHA! In-School, After School, & Summer Social-Emotional Learning Programs

    $15,000 9/20/2016

    Angels Foster Care of Santa Barbara
    Rescuing Abandoned, Neglected and Abused Foster Children

    Two and Under

    $15,000 9/20/2016

    Carpinteria Education Foundation

    Thrive Carpinteria/Carpinteria Children's Project - Multi-Yr. Grant

    $817,000 8/26/2014
    Child Abuse Listening and Mediation, Inc. (C.A.L.M.)
    Great Beginnings
    $20,000 9/20/2016

    Community Counseling and Education

    Parent Infant Coach Certificate Program

    $15,000 9/22/2015

    Court Appointed Special Advocates of S.B. County

    Foster Youth Advocacy Program

    $15,000 9/20/2016

    Domestic Violence Solutions For Santa Barbara County

    Children's Services

    $10,000 9/20/2016

    Envision Education, Inc.

    Transforming School Districts Leadership Event

    $5,000 2/17/2015

    Family Service Agency

    SBUSD Community of Schools Project/La Cumbre Junior High Afterschool Program

    $17,353 3/24/2015

    Foundation for Santa Barbara City College

    The Santa Barbara City College Promise 

    $50,000 9/20/2016

    Foundation for Santa Barbara High School

    Peabody Stadium Renovation

    $25,000 6/1/2015

    Fund for Santa Barbara

    Capacity Building Program & Latino Civic Leadership/Non-Profit Resource Network

    $30,000 12/22/2016

    Future Leaders of America, Inc.

    Latino/a Youth Leadership & Education Project

    $15,000 9/20/2016

    Goleta Education Foundation

    GUSD-IVYP Goleta Kindergarten Readiness

    $160,000 12/22/2016

    Just Communities

    Educational Equity - Three yr. grant

    $300,000 7/3/2014

    Media4Good, Inc.

    Questzal After School Program

    $25,000 9/10/2014

    Santa Barbara Education Foundation

    The Academy for Success

    $20,000 9/20/2016

    Santa Barbara Education Foundation and Non-Profit Partners

    including CALM and Storyteller

    Community of Schools/Thrive Westside - Multi-Year Grant

    $1,655,000 11/13/2014

    Santa Barbara Education Foundation

    What is LOVE: Dating Violence Prevention

    $70,000 9/10/2014

    Santa Barbara Foundation/First Five of Santa Barbara County

    Childcare and Preschool Expansion Project

    $20,000 9/10/2014

    Santa Barbara Partners in Education

    Partners Career Readiness Programming

    $10,000 9/22/2015

    St. Vincent's Institution

    St. Vincent's Early Childhood Education Center Program Support

    $10,000 9/21/2016

    Starr-King Parent Child Workshop

    Starr-King Expanded Long Term Impact

    $10,000 9/21/2016

    Storyteller Children's Center

    Model for School Readiness: An Integrated Approach

    $50,000 9/21/2016

    Transition House

    Infant Care Center for Homeless and Low-Income Families

    $20,000 9/21/2016


    Youth Employment Success 

    $35,000 6/21/2016
    Environment Award Date

    Community Environmental Council, Inc.

    Community Choice Energy Feasibility

    $12,500 9/22/2015

    Environmental Defense Center

    Safe Passage: Balancing the Needs of Humans, Whales & Ships

    $25,000 9/21/2016

    Earth Island Institute

    South Coast Habitat Restoration General Support

    $30,000 9/21/2016

    Gaviota Coast Conservancy

    Gaviota Coast Preservation Prject

    $25,000 9/22/2015

    Santa Barbara Channelkeeper

    Spill Watch Project

    $10,000 9/22/2015

    Santa Barbara County Action Network

    The Sustainable Living Research Initiative

    $20,000 9/22/2015

    The Land Trust for Santa Barbara County

    Carpinteria Bluffs III

    $10,000 9/21/2016

    Urban Creeks Council

    San Jose Creek Steelhead Recovery Project

    $5,000 9/22/2015
    Later Years Award Date

    Alzheimer's Association

    Family Services Program

    $25,000 2/5/2016
    AIDS Housing Santa Barbara Inc
    Sarah House
    $50,000 9/21/2016

    Dream Foundation dba The Dalmation Dreams Foundation

    Dream Granting for Terminally Ill Seniors in S.B.

    $5,000 9/21/2016

    Family Therapy Institute

    Shared Crossing Collaboration Project

    $25,000 11/15/2016

    Hospice of Santa Barbara, Inc.

    Patient Care Services

    $100,000 9/21/2016

    Visiting Nurse & Hospice Care of S.B.

    Compassionate Hospice Culture

    $374,000 1/29/2015

    Visiting Nurse & Hospice Care of S.B.

    Alliance for Living & Dying Well - Multi-Year Grant

    $1,270,600 1/20/2016



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