We fund qualified public charities engaged in educational, scientific, religious, and charitable activities.  We have chosen grant-making arenas where we believe we have an opportunity to make a meaningful impact in Santa Barbara and the world around us.  While the funding areas are expressed separately, we understand that there will be projects that have beneficial impacts in more than one area and we welcome those.

    We are most interested in efforts that strive to make change on a population level; for example in a community, a neighborhood, or a school.  Making population level changes is often beyond the capacity of a single non-profit organization and we will work with collaboratives or groups working within them.  We support the "collective impact" process as a means of guiding these collaborative efforts.

    What does all this mean for potential grantees?  Whether or not you are a new applicant or have received funds from us before, we ask that you read the website carefully to see if you think there is a good fit between your goals and ours.  If you have questions, please call and ask before you spend your valuable resources on applying.


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